For the Love of Copper

copper pitcher 1In a recent move I reconnected with a great love….my Copper Pitcher.  While studying the principles of Ayurveda I became acquainted with the benefits of drinking water infused with the properties of copper.   I tried it and I was hooked!!

Heath prevention in holistic terms means bringing balance to one’s whole life.  Water from a copper pitcher does just that. It can kill disease-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi living in the human body through its scrapping and reducing action.

Drinking four glasses of water stored overnight in a copper pitcher at room temperature:

rinses the digestive tract;

reduces obesity by scraping excess fat;

improves the vitality of skin;

helps the absorption of iron;

has anti-inflammatory properties;

regulates thyroid;

been said to fight cancer;

slows down aging

and many more bountiful benefits.

Most instructions state to drink the copper water first thing in the morning as soon as you get up before you brush your teeth, eat or do anything to prep for your day.  In the beginning you may not be able to drink four glasses maybe only one glass.  Just try it and each day add a little more and a little more working your way to the 4 glasses.

Cleaning a copper pitcher is also important.  To remove blemishes use a half cut lemon dipped in salt and rub until removed.  Then Let sit for a few minutes.  After treating wash promptly with water.

Important to know the water should be made daily, remain at room temperature and never refrigerated.

Enjoy the delicious healing copper water can provide!!!!

Slimming Tips You Haven’t Thought About

You eat healthy downing green juices and smoothies daily.  You exercise regularly. Spinning like a mad person, running on the treadmill like you’re in a marathon but you still struggle with your weight.  What can be the problem?   Maybe you haven’t engaged your senses in the weight management process.  Here are a few simple tips that may  assist in obtaining a leaner you.

Power of Smell

  • Ever passed by a bakery when fresh bread or desserts were being made.  You take a gigantic inhale and the scent drives you wildly into the bakery.  A couple of bites later you are satisfied dare I say full.  How could this be without finishing the delectable baked good?  Well the smell taken in through the nose activates the olfactory glands which plays a part in your appetite as well as how your brain reacts.  The result is you can feel fuller sooner.  So before picking up that fork take a moment to smell the scrumptiousness of your meal….your stomach, hips and brain will be better for it.

Contrast Colors

  • You’ve heard to eat on smaller plates. But have you heard of eating your meals on a plate different in color than your food. You will notice as space clears on your plate. Your brain takes this as a sign of how much you really ate. It will alert the stomach sooner that you are full before you gorge.

Slowly Sipping

  • We’ve heard not drinking liquids 30 minutes before eating will aid in digestion.  But did you know drinking liquids other than water should be sipped slowly and sipped in small amounts?  Gulping large amounts of liquids at one time inhibits our ability to recognize how much we actually drink.  By the time the brain and body connects the dots we have consumed more calories than desired.   Some big offenders are:  fruit juices, beer, soda, “healthy” drinks like vitamin water, and don’t even get me started on kombucha.

Turn The Lights Down Low 

  • Wonder why restaurants dim the lights and if music is playing it’s at a very low level?  It’s not only for a romantic setting but to actually stop people from eating too much and therefore lingering at the table.  Studies have shown this helps produce a turnover of customers to assist restaurants in meeting financial goals.  Why not use this strategy with your intake management.  When sitting down for meals, dim the lights and turn the music low.  Implement all of the strategies above including this one and you may find you become fuller faster from less.

So you see the senses can play a major role in how successful attaining a leaner body can be.  Incorporate these tips.  Let us know how they worked for you on our facebook page: GlowingHouseNYC.

20 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health

In these times of increased conversations about health care, insurance, medical fees, deductibles etc. It appears to be more vital than ever before to take our health into our own hands.  Maintaining the vessel we have been given can be achieved through 20 simple actions to improve your health.

1.  Stop Eating Meat…(no offense).  You are what you eat.  Daily consumption of animal protein puts stress on the digestive tract.  In addition, the way many animals are being breed based on their living conditions, chemicals in their food, and growth hormones not only compromises the health and quality of their meat but also our health.

2. Don’t Drink Milk…Many people are lactose intolerant.  In addition to calcium, one glass of Cow’s Milk contains puss cells, mucous, blood, live bacteria, hormones, and toxins that trigger diseases, such as asthma and diabetes.  Drink vitamin rich soy, seed or nut milks and dark green leafy veggie juices instead.

3. Reduce Sugar…brown sugar, cane sugar, white sugar, corn syrup, fructose, lactose, sucrose just to name a few.  While we know sugar leads to tooth decay it also depletes the body of vital nutrients and wears down the immune system.  Use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, agave nectar, honey, blackstrap molasses and green stevia.

4. Avoid Drinking and Eating at the Same Time…liquids dilute the digestive juices in your stomach so your body is unable to properly process the food.  It is better to drink 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating.

5. Drink Water…the initial cause of most disease is chronic dehydration.  Having at least 8 glasses a day will clear and soften the skin, help the body to eliminate toxins and waste, provides energy, enables the blood flow, the brain to think, the muscles to stretch.  All of our bodily systems are tied into the use of water.  Try a variety of bottled and filtered water no tap. Squeeze in fresh lemon to add minerals for taste and to assist in cleaning the blood.

6. Chew Your Food…”Your stomach doesn’t have teeth” -Marika Bethel.  Chew your food at least 25 times or until it becomes liquid in your mouth. Once you swallow your food there is no turning back. We place too much stress on our stomachs by rushing and gulping down food.  Improper eating wears out our digestive tract leading to indigestion, constipation, gas, and ultimately chronic disease such as colon cancer.  Take your time, sit down, be calm, and enjoy your food.

7.  Eat a Salad…with each meal.  A fresh salad with romaine lettuce as the base balances a meal. The living enzymes in a salad act as a broom to sweep the colon free from starchy foods stuck and hardened on the walls of the intestines.

8.  An Apple a Day….Eating Living Foods gives our body’s life and energy to handle the daily stresses of life.  Cancer cells can’t live on the natural enzymes of living foods. All vitamins and minerals can be acquired from a variety of uncooked fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains.

9. Eat Sea Veggies….There are trace minerals that cannot be acquired from our daily diet. Sea veggies fight energy draining and cancer causing radiation from constant exposure to cell phones, computers, radios, etc.  Kelp provides calcium and is a good salt substitute.

10. Eat Natural Food Supplements…Based on an article in Scientific America April 27, 2011, we may not be receiving sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals from our food. The main culprit in this disturbing nutritional trend is soil depletion: Modern intensive agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows. This is driving people to go crazy with supplementation that can be overwhelming and expensive.  There are several “Super Foods” available to us that are simple and powerful: brewer’s yeast (vitamin B complex), black strap molasses (iron and calcium), parsley (vitamins A and C), Fenugreek (cure all), sesame seeds (calcium and phosphorus), sprouted beans, nuts and seeds (protein, vitamin B and C), wheat germ (vitamin E and iron) just to name a few.

11. Fast…The body was not designed to eat every single day.  We suffer from far more diseases caused by overeating than undereating.  Fasting cleanses your blood, clarifies thinking, strengthens your internal organs and immune system, regulates all bodily systems, pushes toxins out of the body and can provide weight loss.  Spend 1 day a week just drinking liquids like water and fresh veggie juices.

12. Break the Television Addiction…I’m one to talk.  Try something else.  Reading a book, exercise, learn something new, meditate, spend time with friends.  Live your life instead of watching others live theirs on television.

13. Be Careful and Pay Attention….Accidents happen when we are sleepy and our attention gets diverted or nerves to be on edge.  Take your time, relax, focus, plan, learn when and how to say “no”, read instructions, listen to instructions, listen to that voice inside your head.

14. Exercise..Start with 3 days a week for 30 minutes until you sweat.  Walking, running, swimming, biking, hiking, dancing or whatever you like that gets your heart rate up. You will become more energetic, intelligent and vibrant.

15. Stretch…Keeping the body elastic helps you look younger longer.  Do a few stretches in the morning after getting out of bed.  I like cat stretches, forward bends, twists, kundalini frog poses and many other yogic postures will warm up the muscles.

16. Get Enough Sleep…During sleep, your breathing becomes regulated so enough oxygen gets to your vital organs and cleanses your blood.  5 to 8 eight hours is necessary depending on your nutritional diet and lifestyle.

17. Breathe…Breath is the key to life.  It allows sufficient oxygen to the brain and improves circulation.  When upset focus on the breath.  Inhale pushing the abdominal area out and Exhale while bringing the navel in towards the spine.  Make that breath slow and deep.  Feel the beauty of the breath.

18. Let It Go….Whatever is preventing you from enjoying the beauty of life give it a swift kick and get it out of your life.  It is your birth right to be happy!! Kundalini yoga, prayer, writing, and making a decision are actions you can take to eliminate unhealthy emotions.

19. Meditate…It is important to keep the focus on your life purpose so you are not consumed by the daily stresses of life.

20. Pray……Enough said!


Note:  This information is based on research, personal experiences as a colon therapist, feedback from clients, and experiences with own personal health.  This information does not take the place of a Medical Doctors treatment or advice.  Author is not responsible for adverse effects from any suggestions. 


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