Slimming Tips You Haven’t Thought About

You eat healthy downing green juices and smoothies daily.  You exercise regularly. Spinning like a mad person, running on the treadmill like you’re in a marathon but you still struggle with your weight.  What can be the problem?   Maybe you haven’t engaged your senses in the weight management process.  Here are a few simple tips that may  assist in obtaining a leaner you.

Power of Smell

  • Ever passed by a bakery when fresh bread or desserts were being made.  You take a gigantic inhale and the scent drives you wildly into the bakery.  A couple of bites later you are satisfied dare I say full.  How could this be without finishing the delectable baked good?  Well the smell taken in through the nose activates the olfactory glands which plays a part in your appetite as well as how your brain reacts.  The result is you can feel fuller sooner.  So before picking up that fork take a moment to smell the scrumptiousness of your meal….your stomach, hips and brain will be better for it.

Contrast Colors

  • You’ve heard to eat on smaller plates. But have you heard of eating your meals on a plate different in color than your food. You will notice as space clears on your plate. Your brain takes this as a sign of how much you really ate. It will alert the stomach sooner that you are full before you gorge.

Slowly Sipping

  • We’ve heard not drinking liquids 30 minutes before eating will aid in digestion.  But did you know drinking liquids other than water should be sipped slowly and sipped in small amounts?  Gulping large amounts of liquids at one time inhibits our ability to recognize how much we actually drink.  By the time the brain and body connects the dots we have consumed more calories than desired.   Some big offenders are:  fruit juices, beer, soda, “healthy” drinks like vitamin water, and don’t even get me started on kombucha.

Turn The Lights Down Low 

  • Wonder why restaurants dim the lights and if music is playing it’s at a very low level?  It’s not only for a romantic setting but to actually stop people from eating too much and therefore lingering at the table.  Studies have shown this helps produce a turnover of customers to assist restaurants in meeting financial goals.  Why not use this strategy with your intake management.  When sitting down for meals, dim the lights and turn the music low.  Implement all of the strategies above including this one and you may find you become fuller faster from less.

So you see the senses can play a major role in how successful attaining a leaner body can be.  Incorporate these tips.  Let us know how they worked for you on our facebook page: GlowingHouseNYC.