About Us

As a certified Colon Therapist and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, I have been interested in holistic approaches to health most of my life. Always being adventurous when it came to experiencing a natural way of life I studied a number of approaches to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul.

As I began to move up the corporate ladder I realized that aspects of my personality began to shift becoming a negative and cynical person. Recognizing this was a sign of being out of balance I began a search to regain my true self. The search facilitated the understanding that 3 aspects (mind, body and soul) needed to be cared for in order to be the best person possible. Working on one of these without the others will not produce the results necessary to achieve bliss. During my studies a friend introduced me to colonics more than 17 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. A fascination developed with this healing modality along with many others.

I decided to leave my corporate career to assist others in finding and maintaining their mind, body and soul. As a compassionate, open hearted, neutral therapist and teacher my easygoing manner will assist you in your healing experience.

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