How is a colonic administered?
The colonic is administered under the direction of a Certified Colon Therapist.  The water flow, which is always under the direct control of the practitioner, flows into the colon.  As the water flows out of the colon, the practitioner gently massages the abdomen to assist the colon in releasing its contents.

Will colonic hydrotherapy damage the normal intestinal flora (friendly bacteria)?

No.  One of the functions of the first half of the colon is to gather the intestinal flora needed for the colon.  When the accumulation of feces in the bowel leads to fecal encrustation, it is difficult for the colon to function normally and the glands in this lining cannot produce the necessary intestinal flora.  The resulting lack of lubrication intensifies a state of constipation and generates toxemia.  The normal acid-alkaline balance is upset and the growth of the friendly bacteria is stunted.  Cleansing the colon will assist in bringing the acid-alkaline ratio back into balance.  In this  environment, the friendly bacteria will again thrive and disease-causing bacteria will find it difficult to develop.

How do I prepare for my colonic? 

Follow this link for the best tips on preparing for your colonic session!

Can colon irrigation assist in clearing up my skin?

It certainly can.  Pimples and skin issues are usually the first sign of toxemia in the body.  Toxemia is a condition in which poisons (putrefied and fermented elements) pass into the bloodstream.  When the eliminative organs are congested with the accumulation of matter this results in constipation.  The best way for the body to rid itself of these toxins is through the pores of the skin.  By cleaning out the colon the pores of the skin can now return to its primary functions and not endure the stress of toxemia.

How long will it take to cleanse my body?

Consider the number of years you have lived and how long it has taken you to get into the condition you are experiencing today.  You are the sum of the food you have eaten, lack of care and attention to your physical body during your entire life.  With this in mind, lets do some simple math.  Let’s say (for the sake of argument) you eat an average of 3 meals a day and you evacuate your bowels once a day.  Take those remaining 2 meals and multiply it by your age.  This can equate to the amount of matter that may be trapped in your colon.  So you can see it will take more than one colonic to clear the pathway of your colon.  Having a series of colonic treatments are advisable in addition to physical activities like yoga and proper nutrition.