“D” Replacement for the Sun!

Vitamin D is a powerful supplement to get us through this fall and winter season. It encourages the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous.  With the onset of darker days we are receiving less sunlight which depletes human beings ability to promote sufficient vitamin D synthesis in the skin.  This is where vitamin D3 supplementation is extremely helpful for good health.  However, you may be asking “well what is vitamin D good for?”  What isn’t it good for!!!  We mostly know of its support in healthy bones but here is a list of other surprising benefits:*

  • Can assist in Obtaining your Natural Weight
  • Immune System Regulator
  • Can reduce the severity and frequency of Asthma Symptoms
  • Helps with Brain Function later in life
  • Naturally beats Crohn’s Disease
  • Can help prevent the onset of Cancer
  • Works to maintain healthy Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics
  • Boost Mitochondrial Function naturally
  • All natural Disease Fighter
  • Overcoming Depression naturally
  • and a host of other benefits too numerous to list.

Vitamin D3 has been said to be most effective in the bloodstream.  With this said, experts say that people with a high risk of vitamin D deficiency should consume 1000 IU of vitamin D each day so that there is a good level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in the bloodstream. Elderly people, as well as people with dark skin should consume extra vitamin D for good health.

As always, please consult a physician to have your levels checked before supplementing.

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