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Kundalini Yoga
Often it is asked what is Kundalini Yoga and how is it different from other yoga’s. Kundalini is considered the yoga of awareness. What awareness you might ask? Well the awareness of an integration of your physical self (finite) with your soul (infinite). Kundalini Yoga utilizes breath (pranayam), postures (asana), sound current (mantra) and meditation to achieve this integration and awareness. Yoga is not a religion but about the flow of energy and relationship between the finite and infinite. We often think of ourselves as spiritual/soul beings having a human experience but that is exactly what’s happening. Yoga is more than an outward display of flexibility but it assists us in exploring our possibilities as humans. ANYONE of any age, size and /or physical endurance can experience Kundalini Yoga whether size 4 or 24 this Yoga is for you.

Our minds are designed to produce thoughts so it is virtually impossible to stop them. The key is to not react or attached to those thoughts but to allow them to exist. Once we let go there is a point where the mind feels very quiet. The goal in meditation is to have a clear mind that produces healthier thoughts and to rid our selves of unhealthy polluted thoughts.

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training & Courses:

Vitality & Stress Aquarian Teacher Training Level 2