Ayurveda Consultations

Our colon cleansing and body detox programs are individually designed to meet your specific goals.   We work with the science of life know as Ayurveda.  Built detoxification programs and nutritional lifestyle guidance.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word which is translated to mean the science or wisdom of life. Ayur means life and Veda means wisdom, knowledge or science. It is an inseparable part of the culture and daily lifestyle of traditional families in India.

Ayurveda is special and distinct from Western philosophy because:

(1) it recognizes each individual is made up of a unique body type ;

(2) considers all the levels of the individual – Mind, Body and Spirit;

(3) offers natural ways of treating diseases and promoting health;

(4) emphasizes prevention; and

(5) empowers everyone to take responsibility for their own well-being,

All natural things are comprised of the five elements Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.  Fruits, veggies, grains, plants, herbs, animals a combination of all things. Humans are also comprised of different combinations which is why herbs can be digested.