Hypnotica Glow

Hypnotica Glow is a service specializing in the use of hypnosis to assist in the transformation and management of stress, weight loss, esteem building, among may other areas.

Hypnosis refers to a state or condition in which a client becomes highly responsive to suggestions.  It’s an altered state of consciousness where the subconscious level of the mind is in a state of hyper-suggestibility.  Suggestions are the artful use of imagination to increase our enthusiasm for self improvement using Self-Help Techniques.

Just as with meditation and other mindfulness techniques there is great opportunity to rid the subconscious mind of thoughts that no longer serve us in living our best life.  The subconscious mind is a storehouse for all of the experiences we have had throughout our lives.  It stores your beliefs, your previous experience, your memories and your skills .  In fact, everything that you have seen, done or thought is also there.  It is also our guidance system.

The counseling hypnosis services rendered are defined as the use of hypnosis to promote positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. These services are not represented as any form of medical, behavioral or mental health care, and despite research to the contrary, by law, there are no health benefit claims for these services.   Glowing House utilizes hypnotism to help clients wherein we coach or guide to motivate individuals to achieve their goals. Hypnotism for medical or psychological problems requires a written referral from a licensed practitioner of those healing arts.

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