Preparation for Your Colonic

o Drink Plenty of Water (Even if you think you drink a lot drink a little more)
o Coconut Water is Great..Fresh from the Coconut itself or brands by Zico, Vita Coco or ONE
o Drinking Aloe Water or Aloe juice is also very helpful before and after colonic
o Stay away from Carbonated Drinks, Seltzer Water, Bubble Water
o Eat the following for Lunch and Dinner the day before your colonic:
o Romaine Lettuce
o Shredded Cabbage
o Shredded Carrots
o Celery
o No Cucumbers and Tomatoes
o Steamed Green Leafy Veggies – Spinach, Kale, Mustard Greens
o Grains (such as Quinoa, Millet or Wild Rice)
o Sweet Potato or Yam
o If you eat Protein have Fish or Chicken
o No Beef or Pork
o No ALCOHOLIC Beverage
o Avoid All dairy products, protein shakes and bars, nut butters, oatmeal, foods containing refined wheat flour and gas producing legumes (soy products, all hard beans, garbanzos)

*This information is not meant to take the place of direction given by a physician.

If you cannot follow these directions to the letter don’t worry we will still be able to have a successful session. The most important information to follow is the day of instructions


· Do not eat 2 hours before your session
· Have a light meal as your last meal before your colonic (no animal protein)
· Have your last cup/bottle of water 1 hour before your session

Relax & be proud of yourself for taking a step toward better health!

Live in the Glow,
Glowing House