Kundalini Yoga – Practice Along

We are constantly looking for ways to begin anew.  Whether it’s a juice fast to clean the body for summer beach season or the feeling of being stuck in the monotony of daily life.  There are times were we simply need help!

This meditation is quick and easy.  Try it in the office, in your home, on the beach, or anywhere you fell comfortable.  Work with this meditation for 40 days and you can be on your way to a new sense of self.   Delight in your experience!!!!


Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex Pranayama Meditation

Level Up with Pause, Breathe & Glow. This a Kundalini Pranayama Meditation called Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex. Inner Conflict leads us to a state of confusion and stagnation. In this state our ability to think clearly and take action are blocked. This meditation re-channels the Prana (vital life force energy) to form a new pattern filled with clarity and action potential.