Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth

Want whiter teeth but the products on the market today are loaded with chemicals?  Coffee and tea putting stains on your teeth making you feel unattractive?  Well, here are some natural remedies for uncovering those pearly whites.  Any of these remedies should work wonders.

Home Remedy #1:  
Make a paste by mixing 
2 teaspoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 
2 teaspoons of baking soda.
  Place the mixture in a small bowl. The thickness of the paste should be consistent as the typical thickness of toothpaste. For a better taste, add a bit of mint or just a scoop of toothpaste which can be combined with the home-made whitening paste.

Now, how is this home-made teeth whitening remedy used?
Apply with a toothbrush and leave the mixture on your teeth for a couple of minutes. You should avoid swallowing the paste. If this happens, just drink lots of water. Use only once or twice a week.

Home Remedy #2:  Brush your teeth with regular tooth paste. Then pour some extra virgin olive oil on a white wash cloth and scrub your teeth for incredible results.

Home Remedy #3:  Make a paste of a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of common baking soda.  Apply this solution to your teeth and massage gently as if brushing.  This helps to remove the stains from the teeth.

Home Remedy #4:  Rub your teeth with the inside of orange peels.  Orange peels have a mild compound that has been shown to whiten teeth and remove stains without damaging the enamel.