Recharge Yourself!

We are entering into one of the busiest seasons of the year!  Many of us are working harder at the office to meet year end goals while also preparing for the many quickly approaching holidays.  We will need to maintain our energy while clearing our various “To Do” list’s.   Here is a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Totally Recharge You and assist in being graceful during this time.

Meditation Benefits: This meditation uses the power of the breath to totally recharge you and is an antidote to depression.

  • It builds a new system
  • Gives you the capacity and caliber to deal with life
  • Gives you a direct relationship with your pranic breath

How To Do It

Tune In:  In Kundalini Yoga we tune with the Adi Mantra  “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo”.   This means I bow to the Infinite, I bow to the Teacher within.  It’s a simple bowing to your Higher Self and an alignment with the teacher within.  This is chanted 3 times.

Mudra (Hand Posture):  (1) Sit with a straight spine in easy pose. (2) Extend arms straight out in front of you parallel to the ground.  (3) Close your right hand into a fist with the thumb out.  (4) Wrap your left fingers around the fist of the right hand.  (5) The base of each palm touch one another.  (6) The thumbs are close together and are pulled straight up.  (7) Eyes are focused on the thumbs.

Mudra (Hand Posture)

Breath:  (1) Inhale for 5 seconds (by the count of 5 the lungs are at full capacity). Do not hold the breath in. (2) Exhale for 5 seconds (by the count of 5 the lungs are completely empty).  (3) Hold the breath out for 15 seconds.  Continue in this way.

Timing:  Start with 3 minutes.  You can slowly build and work your way up to 11 minutes.  In time, you can even build to holding the breath out for 60 seconds.

To Finish:  Inhale and Exhale.  Do this two more times.  Close your meditation by saying “Sat Nam”

We LOVE this meditation. 

Hope you will give it a try and let us know how you like it!

Source: Survival Kit by Yogi Bhajan compiled by S.S. Vikram Kaur Khalsa and Dharm Darshan Kaur Khalsa