For the Love of Copper

copper pitcher 1In a recent move I reconnected with a great love….my Copper Pitcher.  While studying the principles of Ayurveda I became acquainted with the benefits of drinking water infused with the properties of copper.   I tried it and I was hooked!!

Heath prevention in holistic terms means bringing balance to one’s whole life.  Water from a copper pitcher does just that. It can kill disease-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi living in the human body through its scrapping and reducing action.

Drinking four glasses of water stored overnight in a copper pitcher at room temperature:

rinses the digestive tract;

reduces obesity by scraping excess fat;

improves the vitality of skin;

helps the absorption of iron;

has anti-inflammatory properties;

regulates thyroid;

been said to fight cancer;

slows down aging

and many more bountiful benefits.

Most instructions state to drink the copper water first thing in the morning as soon as you get up before you brush your teeth, eat or do anything to prep for your day.  In the beginning you may not be able to drink four glasses maybe only one glass.  Just try it and each day add a little more and a little more working your way to the 4 glasses.

Cleaning a copper pitcher is also important.  To remove blemishes use a half cut lemon dipped in salt and rub until removed.  Then Let sit for a few minutes.  After treating wash promptly with water.

Important to know the water should be made daily, remain at room temperature and never refrigerated.

Enjoy the delicious healing copper water can provide!!!!